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    We are experts of non-destructive testing for railways. We work for you worldwide !
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Founders of Railspectech can use a huge amount of success as a business card.


THEY have reasons to be PROUD and are eager to have THEIR CUSTOMERS benefit from their sound, accurate advice.



THEY build their ANALYSES comparing them to multiple winning SOLUTIONS. They base their services on proprietary technologies that are dependable, affordable and that bring measurable results for their clients.



"..This must be seen as the next generation for railway track inspection. LITEmd from Railspectech is the only solution for those who need a reliable, supple, affordable state of the art ultrasonic track inspection system. There is no alternative."

We provide technologies you need for track flaw detection, rolling stock axles and wheels flaw detection, railway NDT technician training, inspection project management and guiding.

High Tech

Video - Quintech in action

Our Exclusive Technologies

We are a proud member of the World Organization for Non Destructive Testing and of The Canadian Institute for Non Destructive Testing.

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