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We offer consulting services in non-destructive testing for the railroad industry. Our main goal is to develop technologies that fit your industry needs along with the training of your personnel. We make ours your challenges, ambitions and projects.

More About Us

Our expertise is to deliver highly efficient non destructive testing project management leading to leaner process and improved in-house pratices. We deliver accute trainings developed specifically for the technologies implemented all aiming to mobilise your troops and make them sharp certified Railspectech technicians.


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Our History


Railspectech was founded in 1987 by Georges E. Vezina, President.  For over 25 years now, we serve an international clientele of the railroad industry.  We have built our excellent reputation on hard work, the suppleness of our interventions as well as our capacity to meet our clients objectives.  We are very proud of those.


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Our Mission

From its innovative technology linked to best pratices, make materials quality control through ultrasound applications a real value added for our customers.


Our Values

Prioritise well done work for the benefit of our customers. Understand effective customers needs for the most efficient solutions. Respect of project goals, time frames, delivrables and money.


Our Solutions

Bring to industries adapted and innovative non-destructive ultrasound technology applications.